Allotments are rented on an annual basis. Most are renewed in March/April. All of our allotments come rotavated and with access to a water tap. Unfortunately, we have no available plots right now. There is a waiting list for plots which come available.

 Allotment Sizes:

Raised BedsRaised bed

For beginners and experimenters, we have individual raised beds. They measure approx 4m by 2.5m.

Size: 10 sqm
Cost: €85 per year


The small allotment is best suited to beginners, or those who have limited free time to commit to their allotment. Small allotments

With good use of space, it is possible to garner an surprising about of produce from a small allotment.


Availability: Not right now, contact us to join the waiting list
Size: 10m x 6m
Cost: €185 per year (€100 deposit)


This is our standard size of plot, and is perfectly suited to most gardeners.Medium size allotment Here you have enough space to grow plenty of different things, within a manageable space.

Availability: Not right now, contact us to join the waiting list
Size : 20m x 6m
Cost : €285 per year (€200 deposit)





To join the waiting list, contact us