About Beech Park Allotments

Beech Park Allotments are run by Ray McDermott, on a secluded site in Clonsilla, Dublin 15. We have been running for over 10 years, and the site has been growing and improving constantly throughout that time. Our aim is to provide a place where people living in the city can enjoy a little piece of the country: the sound of the birds and the wind in trees, and the satisfaction of tending your own veg patch. The allotment community is friendly and welcoming, everyone is willing to let a hand or offer advice. Each allotment is rented on an annual basis, so there is no long term commitment. We encourage beginners to ‘give it a shot’. After each year, you can reassess and decide whether or not to stay for another year. We have a good level of turnover each year, so we always have space for newcomers.

Allotments are good for the environment, good for the landscape and good for society. We have had many years of success and many hundreds of happy customers. We’re looking forward to many more.