DCU Phd Project

Below is a message from Hamilton who is using a plot at Beech Park to carry out very interesting research on the use of technology in greenhouses. He is looking for a few allotmenters to help him:

Hey everybody, I am a PhD student in DCU, and currently doing some research looking at peoples’ engagement with technology. I built a total of 6 enclosures around Dublin, and one is being located in Beech Park Allotments – this particular one looks like a “poly-cube” and is located on the right, at the very back, towards Clonsilla train station. It is intended for people to grow vegetables inside, and it has some automation features, like windows, fans, irrigation, which can help ensuring optimal growing condition for plants (temperature, humidity, soil moisture). People can control these functions remotely, by using a mobile phone app.
I was wondering whether allotment members would be interested and willing to participate in my study by way of taking control and interacting with this system for a period of 3 months / person. More details about the construction phase can be found at http://eyeduinoproject.online/. Please leave a message here or in private if you wish to receive more details and participate in this study. Thank you!